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Thursday Dependable Business Technology Tip

According to a Clark School study at the University of Maryland, hackers attack every thirty seconds on average . To help end users protect themselves in your business, remind users:

to add numbers, capital letters, and punctuation when creating passwords.

if you are not expecting a package or if the email is inconsistent with the

work you are doing, do not click on any links.

some attacks will use the contact list of infected users to send

damaging emails listed from known contacts.

to verify that secure websites begin with https and a lock in the address bar.

to not go to sites that you receive a link from someone you do not know or is

given to you by a contact without explanation.

do not offer your credit card or personally identifiable information that

seems unnecessary.

and avoid offers that are too good to be true.

Unfortunately, the statistics stack up against business and individuals and there is a strong likelihood of an attack at some point in a businesses or individuals lifetime. Taking these precautions, in addition to reliable technology services, will help your business to avoid or quickly get back to business after an attack.

Dependable Solutions provides the services and staff professional development necessary to assist your business in avoiding or recovering quickly from this type of attack. Contact us today for a Free IT Consultation at:

“Hackers Attack Every 39 Seconds.” Https://, 10 Feb. 2017,

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