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Hitting Too Close to Home

Cybercrime has reached an all time high.

You may recall seeing it in the news recently. The Black River Falls School District closed after an incident involving unauthorized access to the district’s IT network.

According to Superintendent Shelly Severson, the network includes access to student information, parent contact information, and even medication logs.

Severson said they are closing schools because it’s “not safe to have all the students here. We are flying blind.”

The district has contacted the FBI and state cybersecurity teams to investigate the incident to determine where this unauthorized access happened.

A thriving ransomware economy has emerged with attacks surging 105% globally in 2021.

To keep you from being a statistic, Dependable Solutions has a free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Checklist for you.

Download it now and take the first step toward protecting your school or district from becoming the next victim.

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