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SMART - Tech Tip Tuesday

Just because you are 1:1 with devices doesn’t mean you can’t utilize SMART Software with your students. SMART Technologies has an improved SMART online Learning Suite…and it’s a set of resources any teacher can use, regardless of whether you have a SMART board or any interactive whiteboard at all! The SMART Learning Suite works with any internet connected devices in your classroom. The SMART Learning Suite combines lesson delivery, assessment, collaboration, and game-based learning software all into one easy-to-use system. Teachers that are familiar with the SMART Notebook will see some enhancements and new features with the online learning suite. BUT the big thing that teachers are missing are: the SMART response 2 and SMART amp components which allow for assessment and collaboration.

SMART response 2, enables a quick assessment of the student’s work. With this app, teachers can create a question set that fits the lesson in under five minutes! These questionnaires can be multiple choice, multiple answer, True or False, polls, or can require a short answer. You can even add pictures to these tests that you create! Students can answer the test from any device. The best part–teachers get an instant report of the test results as the students answer! The results can be shown in either a pie graph or a word cloud and they can be easily exported, too.

SMART amp is a virtual workspace where teachers and students (from the same or even different classes) can come together to work on a project. From one space, teachers can monitor students’ progress as they work and even send instant messages if necessary. SMART amp is web-based, meaning students can continue or finish the work outside the classroom. To create a collaborative workspace on SMART amp, the teacher must first create a class. You can create your class from scratch or import your link from Google. Next, you customize the space your lesson content from SMART Notebook or other sources like Discovery Education. Images, videos, and even PDFs can be uploaded into the workspace, giving teachers room for creativity and variety. Once you’ve finished your lesson, you can finally invite the students to the workspace you’ve created and get started.

Here’s a demo of SMART amp if you’d like to see how it works:

Check out how other teachers are using SMART amp:

To start using log in to your online learning here:

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