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Tech Tip Tuesday - Open and Go Science Lessons with Mystery Science

Inspire students to question, analyze, and participate in hands on science activities. STEM inspired lessons that combine videos, discussion, and hands on activities. FREE membership for 1 year. Aligned to standards for science. Easy to integrate with current technology in your school. A fun and interactive way to enhance content area or broaden knowledge base of students and challenge them to be critical thinkers! Visit: to sign up for FREE and unlock thousands of great lessons that require very little prep time and materials. Note: some experiments/activities require additional materials, but most science labs will have most of the materials!

In addition, also Check out Mystery Doug which features a question, explanation, and answer. It is a great 5 minute brain break that explores answers to questions that students have. The video then asks for student input at the end and challenges them to ask questions! This is one is also free and a great resource that kids love! Check it out at:

These are best suited for K-6, however it may be modified to work for older students as well. It is made by teachers for teachers!

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