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New with Schools at Dependable Solutions

Dependable Solutions Education - What's Different?

As you know, Dependable Solutions, your K-12 technology experts, has heard your calls for help beyond the configuration and implementation of your school technology. We have heard the frustration of the budget constraints and the demands of state and federal initiatives and mandates. We understand that many of you simply can’t afford or justify the expense of a full time position when you possibly only need a limited amount of days per school year. So, Dependable started our own Education Division to help you.

So, whether you need technology integration, LMS planning and integration, consultation with schools on business and community partnerships, Academic Career Planning, district assessment coordination and resources, or professional development, Dependable is here to help. So, what separates us for the other services already out there?

- Services offered Technology training and utilization Technology infrastructure Expertise in Project Lead the Way(PLTW) Planning and Implementing professional development School marketing Business partnerships Grant writing Technology and curriculum purchase planning Assessment Coordination

- How are they offered Customized to the district Scheduling flexibility to maximize time and efficiency We come onsite and interview administration – Finding out what your tech and curriculum is so we can give you what you need and not just what we are trying to sell We do group training and 1 on 1 staff training and support

- Who is Dependable? We bring both the business and the technical aspect We are partners with the administration team We are aware and familiar with what the expectations from state, common core, etc. We know the demands placed on you as a district We can review your school report card and help in areas that need focus We understand the importance of follow through and seeing changes from start to finish We know the importance of ongoing professional development and working with staff to * stay the course * reach your goals * not implement new initiatives arbitrarily * We work with you to meet your goals

Jennifer Gallagher has joined the Dependable Solutions Team with diverse educational leadership experiences that include but are not limited to technology integration and development. Jennifer was formerly the PK-8 grade principal at Southwestern Elementary and Middle School as well as the PK-12 Pupil Services Director for the Southwestern School District. When asked what her goal is in this new position, Jennifer states, “My goal is to integrate technology into schools through sharing ideas and resources to create and foster growing learning environments for students with diverse needs and diverse goals.” We look forward to helping our schools staff and students succeed with daily increasing demands!

Dependable Solutions is a true partner for all of your Technical and Educational needs. Let us help you.


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