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School Integration Services

Services Offered:

  • Technology training and utilization

  • Technology infrastructure

  • Expertise in Project Lead the Way(PLTW)

  • Planning and Implementing professional development

  • School marketing

  • Business partnerships

  • Grant writing

  • Technology and curriculum purchase planning

  • Assessment Coordination

How Services are Offered:

  • Scheduling flexibility to maximize time and efficiency.

    • We come onsite as a partner with administration, working together to figure out your goals for curriculum and technology needs, and provide ways to bridge the gaps. ​

    • We do group training and 1 on 1 staff training and support

  • We bring the business, education, and the technical aspect.  We are knowledgeable in the standards, college and career readiness, area employers needs, and can bring these experiences to you.  

  • We know the importance of ongoing professional development and working with staff to

    • stay the course

    • reach your goals

    • not implement new initiatives arbitrarily.

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