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What Keeps You Up?

The news headlines say it all: Phishing attacks are on the rise. Ransomware attacks affected an astounding 75% of companies and nearly 66% of them paid the ransom to get their data released. On top of that, salaries for I.T. staff have risen over 9% in the past year alone. And with the worldwide shortage of I.T. workers, it’s getting more challenging to hire good technology support staff.

That’s where Dependable Solutions can help Especially for schools and districts in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota juggling a complex array of technology, Dependable Solutions is your best source for comprehensive support and data security, because we put relationships before profit. With Dependable Solutions serving as your I.T. team—or an integral part of your team—you can better focus on your mission of supporting your students and your staff, not on your technology. Even if you have your own internal staff, but you need the expertise of Network and Server engineers guarding your infrastructure 24/7 and applying best practices, we can help! We serve as your true partner We'll ensure you have the horsepower to maintain, protect, and stay up-to-date with your school technology, working together to figure out your goals, and provide the solutions to bridge any gaps. And while your budget may not allow for senior server and network engineers, for a fixed monthly fee, Dependable can provide this critical function for you, with your onsite techs focused on day-to-day operations. We’d love to talk to you! Just click here for a free, no-obligation technology assessment. Or reach out to me, personally. We’re here to help. Your partner in technology and data security, Joe Ruskey, President 866-437-6325

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