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EDU Cyber Security Glossary

SOC – Security Operations Center The function of the security operations center (SOC) is to monitor, prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats around the clock. SIEM – Security Information and Event Management Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a software solution that aggregates and analyzes activity from many different resources across your entire IT infrastructure. EDR – Endpoint Detection and Response Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), also referred to as endpoint detection and threat response (EDTR), is an endpoint security solution that continuously monitors end-user devices to detect and respond to cyber threats like ransomware and malware. MDR – Managed Detection and Response MDR cybersecurity services proactively search out, validate and alert organizations of current or incoming threats. Typically involving a technology solution and an outsourced security analyst team, these services detect, alert and contain threats so that your business can focus on its day-to-day operations. Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) Uses a combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral detection, machine learning algorithms, and exploit mitigation, so known and unknown threats can be anticipated and immediately prevented. NGAV is cloud-based, which allows it to be deployed in hours instead of months, and the burden of maintaining software, managing infrastructure, and updating signature databases is eliminated. Zero Trust Software Zero Trust is a framework for securing infrastructure and data for today’s modern digital transformation. It uniquely addresses the modern challenges of today’s business, including securing remote workers, hybrid cloud environments, and ransomware threats. Confused? We're here to help. Contact Dependable Solutions.

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