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Dependable Solutions for Associations

 Focus on serving your members; not on your technology

Dependable Solutions knows associations, and we put that expertise to work every day to deliver technology solutions that help you solve critical business needs; save time and money; and succeed in fulfilling your mission.

We can help you avoid I.T. pitfalls and reduce your organization’s liability as risks to digital infrastructures are growing daily, even as your dependence on them rises. To continually serve your member’s needs, association executives need to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize solutions which are going to help you the most now and in the future.


Dependable Solutions is a Wisconsin-based technology managed service provider with offices in La Crosse and Prairie du Chien and serving the tristate area. Especially for associations, non-profit organizations, government entities, and school districts in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota, Dependable Solutions is your best source for comprehensive technology support because we put relationships before profit.


We allow technology to empower your association; not steal your night’s sleep.


With Dependable Solutions serving as your I.T. team—or a part of your team augmenting your existing I.T. staff—you can focus on your members, not on your technology. 

Cybersecurity Services and Support

With risks growing daily, cybersecurity continues to be an imperative for every industry, but when an associations’ members’ data is at risk, you must be aware of your unique vulnerabilities. Our managed security solution will provide all your needs, from threat detection and response to day-to-day security operations.

Remote IT Services

Ugh. Your network is down, and you’ve had your tech team working hard on getting it back up for hours to no avail. Instead of calling a technician out and waiting even longer to get your network up and running, you can use Dependable’s remote IT services to have the problem fixed in a quarter of the time.

Managed IT Services

Why consider Managed Services--including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery--for your technology needs?  Whether your association has just a handful of desktop computers, or a full data center with a complex network, or you are in the cloud, Managed Services from Dependable can customize a solution for you. 

Help Desk

When you’re a small- or medium-sized association, keeping overhead and administrative costs under control can be quite a challenge. From wages to services to just keeping the lights on, running an association takes a daily effort. So what happens when your company needs affordable computer service? We can help.  

Tailored IT Solutions

Dependable Solutions is committed to providing every one of our clients with high quality service and support. Let us help you open the doors to more technology so you can rest easy that your network will always perform to your standards and that your association will outperform your competitors and make your members shine.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

BCDR or BC/DR) helps an organization recover from a disaster (natural or man-made) and be equipped—through proven processes and procedures—to continue or resume operations. BCDR plans help associations in dealing with unforeseen natural or man-made disasters.

Contact Us Today. Sleep Better Tomorrow.

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