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Co-Managed IT Services

Managing the complexity of IT networks, cybersecurity, system requirements, cloud computing, industry regulations, and more, is a lot to expect from your limited IT staff. Consider a Co-Managed IT Services approach as a hybrid solution that can enhance, supplement, and support your existing team.

You can optimize efficiency by customizing which IT services to keep in-house and which to delegate to an experienced Managed Service Provider with a deep bench of technicians.

A Co-Managed IT approach will help you:

  • Evaluate your IT department’s needs, skills, resources, tools, and abilities.

  • Determine which services or resources you need to support your business strategy and objectives.

  • Partner with a managed services provider to fill in those gaps.

Many organizations, including schools, hospitals, governmental offices, associations, and small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from a Co-Managed IT Services approach.


Co-Managed IT solutions are ideal if your business or organization is looking to add a new project or initiative; your IT staff is stretched thin or too small; there are gaps in knowledge or technology platforms.

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