Tech Tip Tuesday - Google Classroom Cleanup

With the end of the school over or in near sight here are some great tips to help cleanup your Google Classroom(s). You do not want to delete your Google Classrooms! Check out this great resource: Google Classroom Cleanup!

Tech Tip Tuesday - Duolingo

Learn a language for FREE with Duolingo. Duolingo is a game-based language-learning tool. It teaches you how to learn a new language. it uses data to personalize your learning experience, encourages positive behavior through gamification, and it gets you speaking the language through social and interactive features. This could be a great resource for students to learn at their own pace. Best for ages 10 and up. Check it out at:

Tech Tip Tuesday - Zuni Learning

A really cool, innovative, and practical learning tool- Zuni Learning ( It is very user friendly. It is for teachers, students, and parents. It is essentially a landing page almost like a website with dashboard, but already setup with the ability to customize it with different widgets. It is a Content Manager, Integrates with Google Classroom, or can be a stand-alone LMS, or you can share links to another LMS, communicate with students, teachers, and parents, and has Free Open Educational Resources and Content. It is a really good tool for students - students can practice, explore, and learn on their own as well. Here is a brief overview video: https://youtu

Tech Tip Tuesday - Studyo Today (Make Google Classroom better)

A great tool that students can use to help manage their workload and pull in assignments from Google Classroom into a digital planner format. Make it easy for your students to manage their workload with: Today. Students and teachers can use this add on platform for free and should log in with the school Google account credentials. Start using it Today:

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