Tech Tip Tuesday -

A web tool for teachers and students! It is a one-stop-shop with useful widgets you can use while teaching or while students are working. This is a free resource that long as you have a projector, interactive whiteboard, or television in your classroom you will be able to utilize. You can display multiple widgets at once including: Language, Customize your background, Random Name/Dice, Sound Level, QR Code, Drawing, Text, Work Symbols – Display one of four options: work together, ask a neighbor, whisper, and silence, Traffic Light, Timer, and more! Check out today!

Tech Tip Tuesday - Real World Math

Check out! Math teachers are always looking for more ways to show how math relates to the realworld. Real World Math is a collection of free math activities for Google Earth. Teachers have access to lessons and additional material to integrate activities effectively. It is ideally for mathematics for grades 4 and up, but many lessons can be interdisciplinary. This is a modern approach to mathematics that is student-centered and task-oriented; it embraces active learning, constructivism, and project-based activities, while remaining true to the standards. It is not just for teachers, students have access too! Including activities, videos, and instructional tutorials for Goog

Tech Tip Tuesday - Edulastic

Create technology enhanced, standards-aligned assessments in minutes with Edulastic for Free. Get immediate feedback on student performance. Choose from high-quality free question banks, create your own technology enhanced questions, or mix and match! Check it out and start using it today: Click here for Teacher Resouces for Edulastic.

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