Tech Tip Tuesday - Math Game Day

Math Game Day is organized by 99math. 99math creates positive learning experiences through engaging math practice. Play is the engine of learning! 99math is a fun classroom game to practice and revise math skills! It is so engaging for students that teachers use it every week as a quick warm up exercise. The platform is online and you can use it for free. Try it in your next class: Sign up for the Virtual Math Game Day. This is a unique type of event! Math games are hosted online and all participants play in real-time! You can join from all over the world by using a smart device and internet. Playing in math game day is an engaging experience, offering enthusiasm and excit

Tech Tip Tuesday - SLATE

School Leaders Advancing Technology in Education - SLATE is a conference for educators that is coming up in the Wisconsin Dells December 9th-11th. SLATE is where educators of all skill levels can try out the latest in classroom technology as well as learn tips and tricks to implement in their classroom, school, and district. Register today at: !

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