Tech Tip Tuesday - Learn to Code with Grasshopper and Google

Want a great way to challenge students and introduce them into coding? Check out Grasshopper from Google and have students learn the basics of coding. Let students dive into coding without having to recreate wheel and have them self pace thru on their own. This is available via the web, so it available on any device. Free coder teaches kids actual programming language. Good for ages 8 and up! Check it out and share with your students today! A great thing to incorporate for early finishers or way to expose kids to the coding world!

Tech Tip Tuesday - Badaboom

Badaboom.....It's a fun game-based learning platform like Kahoot! It has more uses and functionality. Including: more types of questions and responses, infinite timer, math/handwriting and symbol response, word cloud, and choice of multiple theme songs. Check out some of the features here: Sign up and start using today:

Tech Tip Tuesday - Wakelet in the Classroom

Wakelet is a great way to organize and have students' access, create, collaborate, and share resources. Wakelet is similar to Pinterest. Check out the educator's guide for more ways to use it in your classroom. It is free so sign up and start using it today:! Click below to download the Educator's Guide: Educator's Guide to Wakelet

Tech Tip Tuesday - Get More Math Resource

Sign up for a free year of Get More Math. It provides practice sessions based on each student’s needs. The lessons focus on retention and mastery of content. Get More Math was designed by a math teacher and is a great math practice web based program. Check it out and start using it today:

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