Tech Tip Tuesday - Thinglink

ThingLink offers a web platform and mobile app for creating and sharing interactive images. This allows teachers or students to add content inside any image. Including photos, video and audio players, web links, polls, text and more; that appear in the image when shared and viewed. The free educator version does not have a classroom management component, but students still can create and share. From an interactive photo collage, scavenger hunt, to an interactive report the possibilities are endless! Check out: Thinglink!

Tech Tip Tuesday - Tips for Choosing the Right Technology

Check out this guide to help plan your next technology purchase! Don't make your decisions blindly. Bringing new devices and software to your school is imperative. Don’t let the process be overwhelming. This guide will walk you through the important steps from defining your need to making a purchase. The most critical elements in introducing technology to your school have little to do with the features of a device. Laying the groundwork with stakeholders and enlisting their support will significantly affect adoption of new ideas. Click to View and Download this guide today!

Tech Tip Tuesday - Interactive Lesson Delivery to Student Devices with Classflow

Make learning engaging, collaborative, and interactive right from a student's device. This a free online cloud based lesson delivery system. It works with any device regardless on SMART board model or brand of interactive panel. Quickly and easily share content back and forth from teacher to student. Check out today for a great way to customize and enhance your classroom learning.

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