Tech Tip Tuesday - Audio Exit Tickets

Using exit tickets is a great way to see if students grasped a concept. Usually they are done via text or even images, but rarely as audio. See how easy it is to have students create an audio reflection and share it with you. Check out the you tube video: Audio ExitTickets.

Tech Tip Tuesday - Use your Learning Management System Fully

Want to starting using a Learning Management System (LMS) or want to use your LMS better? Check out on-demand webinars that help address challenges districts and schools face. Watch one, two, or all five of these webinars. Each video addresses key challenges in a school or district’s edtech journey. Here is what’s covered in this five-part series: Vision Setting: How to Set Your EdTech Strategy Up for Long-Term Success (Featuring David Wallace, 6–12 Instructional Coach) Wait, an LMS Can Do That? Exploring the Modern LMS (Featuring Tim Holt, Director of Innovative Pilots and Technology) Key Considerations When Selecting an LMS for YOUR School or District (Featuring Robert Schuetz, Technolog

Tech Tip Tuesday: 10 Great Google Add Ons

Google add ons are a great way to enhance Google in the classroom. Check out the link for a video and list of 10 great google add ons for students and teachers.

Tech Tip Tuesday - Art meets Technology with Doodle for Google

Students can tap into their creative side and create their own individual work and compete to win prizes. Students create a doodle using any mediums they wish. This years theme is: When I grow up I hope.... Students love a little competition and Google has made it easy for sumbitting student's work. There are even teacher resources to help guide and inspire students including a music component to play. Check out how easy it is to use at : Sumbissions are open now thru March 18th.

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