Tech Tip Tuesday - GeoGuessr

Check out this interactive geography game. Players have to guess their location based on clues from their surroundings. There are different modes single player vs. challenge mode as well as different map options. It can be used as a whole class team building activity or individually. Challenge your students to use their detective skills to find the location. It is a fun interactive way to incorporate geography. Check it out at:

Tech Tip Tuesday - Podcasting in the Classroom

One thing Dependable keeps hearing from schools is the need for audio for students. Many times it is to make accomodations for student needs, but this a great way for all learners to learn. It gives students and teachers a voice. From collaboration, listening comphrension, for feedback, to forgein language and vocabulary practice it can be a great addition and tool for teachers and students alike. They even have an easy sign on feature for younger grade students. Check out: to get started today!

SMART - Tech Tip Tuesday

Just because you are 1:1 with devices doesn’t mean you can’t utilize SMART Software with your students. SMART Technologies has an improved SMART online Learning Suite…and it’s a set of resources any teacher can use, regardless of whether you have a SMART board or any interactive whiteboard at all! The SMART Learning Suite works with any internet connected devices in your classroom. The SMART Learning Suite combines lesson delivery, assessment, collaboration, and game-based learning software all into one easy-to-use system. Teachers that are familiar with the SMART Notebook will see some enhancements and new features with the online learning suite. BUT the big thing that teachers are mis

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