Tech Tip Tuesday - Skype-a-Thon 2018

Plan now to participate in Microsoft's annual Skype -a-Thon: November 13th-14th. A cool way to engage students and expose them to different cultures, values, and perspectives in a fun innovative way! For ideas and tips on how to get started and participate visit:

Tech Tip Tuesday - Open and Go Science Lessons with Mystery Science

Inspire students to question, analyze, and participate in hands on science activities. STEM inspired lessons that combine videos, discussion, and hands on activities. FREE membership for 1 year. Aligned to standards for science. Easy to integrate with current technology in your school. A fun and interactive way to enhance content area or broaden knowledge base of students and challenge them to be critical thinkers! Visit: to sign up for FREE and unlock thousands of great lessons that require very little prep time and materials. Note: some experiments/activities require additional materials, but most science labs will have most of the materials!

Tech Tip Tuesday - Introduce Kids to Computer Science

Google does it again....Introduce computer science to kids. Easy to implement and free! Free full computer science curriculum for ages 9-14. From programing, graphic design, animation, coding, and more. Students explore, learn, produce, and create quality work! Full lesson plans to accommodate each module that can modified if needed. Aligns to standards and has teacher resources pages....don't be scared if you think you don't know enough-this walks you and the kids thru it. Check out the teacher support section and actually see how other teachers have implemented and for other guidance. To access and unlock this curriculum click below and log in:

Tech Tip Tuesday - Google's Applied Digital Skills Curriculum

Unlock the power of Google with free ready to go online lessons for middle schoolers thru adult learners (think professional development); which can be modified or adapted as needed. Each lesson contains lesson plans, discussion topics, example project, rubrics, step by step videos, integrates the google platform, and also aligns with state standards. It includes a variety of lesson topics from research, to technology and ethics, budgeting, interactive adventure stories, and more! Check it out here:

Tech Tip Tuesday Share Digital Classroom Newsletters with Ease

Keeping parents informed is essential and why not make your life easier as a teacher by sharing classroom newsletters electronically. Check out the link below for some great tips and save some time with the FREE templates!

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