Tech Tip Tuesday - Adobe Spark

Let students create quality professional looking ads, posters, videos, marketing material, and more! They can share multimedia presentations and develop leadership skills as they are developing content relevant information. This can be used cross curriculum in a variety of ways! Check out: on how it can be used for a student council election campaign.

Tech Tip Tuesday - Digital White Board

This is a free, no sign in required, and works with any browser digital white board. Visit: (it's supposed to be spelled this way). Easy to use, you can even share, and collaborate with others. Students are able to brainstorm, solve math problems, label, draw diagrams, sketch, and more!

Flipped Classroom Tech Tip Tuesday

Don't be shy to start using a flipped classroom model. Start small and grow from there. Here are 15 of the best sites and apps to create a flipped learning environment:

Tech Tip Tuesday - Art Meets Technology

Plan now for International Dot Day, September 15th! Use the book: The Dot as your student’s inspiration (it can be found on You Tube, if you don’t have a copy). Have your student’s make an image involving a dot…..yes just a simple dot, but make it come to life as a 3D image. Check out the link below to guide you how to:

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