Tuesday Dependable Education Tech Tip: No Need For a Fancy Timer App

Did you know you do not need fancy app timers in the classroom? You can just use Google! If you are using the Google Chrome browser just type for ex. "timer 30 minutes" and push enter and the timer will start. As you type you will also see the ability to timer **minutes with music which will set you up with music as the timer counts down. If you are not using Google Chrome simply go to the www.google.com page and enter the time you wish in the Google search bar. Fun trick!

Tuesday Dependable Education Tech Tip: docAppender

DocAppender is a great Google Form add-on that is great for education! It allows a user to have responses to a Google Form appear on a document. This is great for creating rubrics to grade student assignments. Some great usages for this could be a running record log of observations for things such as reading or math, rubrics, peer review, and works well with Google Classroom. This tool can also be used for student conferencing, fitness goals, behavior observations, and any other situation in which a teacher would like to use one form to solicit feedback to individual documents. There are many uses for this tool if you are a Google Forms user. The add-on can be found by clicking on the 3

Tuesday Dependable Education Tech Tip

Today's technology tip shares a tool that you can use both at school and home to create stronger passwords that you do not have to remember. Tools such as LastPass allow users to link several accounts to one login. Users create a password that is not hacker friendly to log in to LastPass. Users add accounts and use or creates passwords within LastPass for each account. The users can log into the accounts directly from their LastPass account, eliminating the need to remember passwords. This tip deviates from a direct classroom application, but is a great tool for anyone using multiple accounts. Some companies offer free trials such as LastPass or 1Password but this type of personal security

Tuesday Dependable Education Tech Tip: Exporting Grades from Google Classroom and uploading into Sk

Did you know that you can export your assignments into a CSV from both Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams and upload it to your Student Information System such as Skyward? In Google Classroom, Click on the Class, then the assignment and then in settings (looks like the gear) you can click on download the assignment or all assignments as a CSV. Here is a Youtube video resource to complete this in Skyward: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mfeVZSEdSQ​ Here is a Youtube video resource to complete this in PowerSchool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1y6ZCR6PeI

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