Is Your Business Prepared if Disaster Strikes?

All businesses use information technology to quickly and effectively process information. We depend on email and Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone systems to communicate. Servers process information and store large amounts of data. Desktop computers, laptops, and wireless devices are used by staff to create, process, manage and communicate information. Technology represents a critical aspect of your business strategy. So what do you do when your information technology stops working? Are you prepared if disaster strikes? In any given year, about one-third of small and midsized businesses will experience a disruption to their operations lasting 24 hours or more. The disruptions can come from a ra

Tuesday Dependable Education Tech Tip

Today's tip looks at possible grant opportunities that your district may be eligible to apply for your technology-related projects. Here are just a few great opportunities: The Voya Unsung Heroes grant is due April 30th and awards 100 recipients $1,000 and 3 lucky recipients that are ranked as 1st and receiving $25,000, 2nd receives $10,000, and 3rd receives $5,000. The Awesome Foundation has monthly ongoing awards $1,000 to lucky recipients. More information can be found at The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation awards $500 mini-grants ongoing to

Tuesday Education Tech Tip Using Google

Are you asking students to do research? Are you familiar with Google Scholar? Google scholar allows students to search scholarly works and helps students find quality work. Google scholar provides searches for articles, books, abstracts and court opinions from academic publishers. Google scholar also allows students to search works from professional societies, online repositories, universities and a host of other scholarly works. Students can save works in Google Scholar with ease to reference at any time. This is a great research tool. Check it out at

Tuesday Dependable Education Tech Tip

Great Templates to Digitally Create Newsletters Sometimes an assignment or a school newsletter looks best on a traditional newsletter template. Here are some great templates we have found that are available to be copied and used to create great digital newspapers and newsletters: The Changing Times by Joni Brown: Elementary School News Template by By Lezlie Harris:

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