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Similing Team

Core Values

  1. Fair – Is it Fair?

  2. Honest – Is it the Truth?

  3. Customer Focused

  4. We are Dependable Family

  5. We Get the Job Done

  6. We Have Fun!

Core Focus

Mission: Building trusted, lifelong relationships by maximizing the value of technology.

Proven Process

1. Assess

We start each client relationship with an assessment of your current environment to establish a baseline of where you are today and where you want to be. This process digs into technology inventory as well as company practices. We discuss the current cyber security posture of your organization and talk about how we can work together to minimize your organization’s risk exposure.

2. Remediate

Once we’ve identified strategic goals for bridging any gaps uncovered in the assessment phase, we execute projects to bring the organization to a minimum standard of excellence. Depending on the past IT practices of the organization, this phase may include equipment replacement and policy implementation among other possibilities.

3. Innovate

The exciting part about technology is exploring the ways it can help you achieve your goals, enhance your team’s productivity, and differentiate you in your industry. In the Innovation phase, we work with your team to develop technology strategies that will make your organization better.

4. Maintain

Maintenance, monitoring, and remediation are continuous services designed to keep systems running as designed and to keep your people working on the things that drive your success. We utilize our service management practices to make sure we have the right people working on the right tasks to keep your company operational.

5. Retire

Clutter happens. Whether a system has become End-of-Life, a practice has become outdated, or people move on to other opportunities, we help you develop offboarding practices to accommodate these and other situations. Ensuring you have the right resources in place reduces costs and improves security.

6. Repeat

Our operations processes are cyclical, so we regularly go back through the process with you in order to continuously improve your IT environment. 

Come Fly with Dependable Solutions

Our Guarantee: We Make it Right. Always.

We do our best to avoid mistakes, but we don’t hide from them. If we are at fault for something that negatively impacts a client, we do what we can to make things right. We value strong relationships.

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